Coco, Flamingo, Tamarindo

  • Tamarindo - Atares, 80' Schooner
  • Flamingo - Bertram 31'
  • Flamingo - Brindisi 37'
  • Flamingo - Brindisi 44'
  • Flamingo - Brindisi 50'
  • Flamingo - Bushwacker 42'
  • Flamingo - Online.com, 33'
  • Flamingo - FlamingoII, 31'
  • Tamarindo - Oswprey, 31'
  • Flamingo - Lazy Lizard, 32' Catamaran,
  • Playa Del Coco - Marlin Del Rey, 65' Catamaran
  • full screen sliderTamarindo - Marlin, 65' Catamaran
  • Tamarindo - Eco Adventures
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Oso Viejo Sportfishing Boats take pride in maintenance of the boats and equipment. Our Captains have years of experience. To satisfy your fishing needs, our boats range from 27'- 50'. Equipment ranges from Basic to Air Conditioned - "Sportfishing Yachts". Flamingo and Tamarindo are the sportfishing centers of Costa Rica's NW pacific coast, providing sportfishing for towns in the vicinities of Brasilito, Tamarindo, Playa Grande, Rancho Pinilla, Playa Del Coco and Popagayo areas. Ask about our reasonably priced round trip transportation.

Sportfishing Boats

Location, size, Recomended Number of Clients, Price

Location Name (details & reservations) Length ft. Max# Clients Full Day USD
Flamingo Las Brisas, 27' 27 4 $750
Flamingo Bertram, 31' 31 5 $1,100
Flamingo Flamingo II, 31' 31 5 $1,100
Flamingo Permit III, 31' 31 5 $1,200
Flamingo Online.com, 33' 33 6 $1,250
Flamingo Brindisi, 37' 37 7 $1,500
Flamingo Bushwacker, 42' 42 7 $2,150
Flamingo Brindisi, 44' 44 8 $2,188
Flamingo Brindisi, 50' 50 10, max 15 $2,314
Tamarindo Osprey, 31' 31 6 $1,300

Oso Viejo Sailing
The NW Pacific Coast of Costa Rica has World Class Sailing and depending upon the season, you can experience a full sailing experience. May through mid-December offers Gentle but dependable winds while toward the end of December through March and sometimes April, exciting winds. During the Windy season, Flamingo sailing is mostly within the Potrero Bay which offers protection from the waves, while Tamarindo and Coco are more open sailing. The boats that we offer are sound vessels and have years of experience sailing this area and are equipped for sailing under these varied conditions.

Below is a Table showing our sailboats and locations. These boats offer open or private tours for up to 50 people. Open tours can usually be reserved on shorter notice, however advance reservations are recommended. Private trips require reservations in advance. We offer secure (https) credit card processing and also accept Paypal for the Reservation Deposit. Order Now Buttons are located at the detailed links for each boat.

Sailing Boats

Location, size & Type, Maximum of Clients, Price

Location Name Length (ft) & Type Max# Clients Price USD. am=morning
Playa Del Coco Marlin Del Rey 65' Catamaran 50 pax $75 am-$85 pm/pax
Playa Flamingo Lazy Lizard 38' Catamaran 25 pax $85/pax
Playa Tamarindo Atares Sailing 80' Schooner 40 pax $80/pax
Playa Tamarindo Marlin 65' Catamaran 50 pax $75 am-$85 pm/pax

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"Hidden Valley Mountain Estates " located in the mountain Valley, 600 meters east of the Huacas school and centrally located between Flamingo, Tamarindo and Playa Grande. Peaceful, but yet close to modern amenities and local beaches in our private, community.